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Fields Excavating, located in Southern Ohio is the areas front-runner in underground utility excavation and installation. Formed over 25 years ago, Fields now boasts several million dollars of excavation equipment along with 40+ employees.

Our experience includes large diameter water line ranging from ductile iron and PVC to reinforced concrete. This, along with sanitary and storm sewer, natural gas and telecommunications, have all proven effective markets for our company.

The employees of Fields Excavating are credited with completing over 10 million dollars of contracts "on time" each year. Field's wide range of  customers vary from cities, counties, municipalities, state and federal contracts throughout the United States, along with other contractors and engineers.

In an ever changing market, Fields is proud to have kept up with the times. Environmental issues are becoming more important each day. Streams and rivers should be carefully studied before digging across. Often the disruption of a waterway can be hazardous to the surrounding wildlife and inhabitants of a stream.

Fields Excavating is pleased to be our areas leader in trenchless technology. Utilizing the Vermeer NAVAGATOR  line of directional drilling machines, Fields helps protect our natural resources by boring under streams and waterways, thus preserving the environment for future generations.

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